Pharmaceutical Analysis


Pharmaceutical analysis is a term used traditionally to define the analysis of drugs and other formulations through experimental and laboratory methods to determine their efficacy and effectiveness for the undergoing research. Pharmaceutical industries use day in and day out to analyse the old drugs and formulations already in use for their purity, and also to test the new and upcoming drugs and formulations.

Pharmaceutical analysis, is therefore, an integral part of the life of a pharmacy student and researcher and it forms the basis of any research conducted. A drug cannot appear in the market before a thorough pharmaceutical analysis is conducted to ensure its efficacy. However, pharmaceutical analysis is a long-term process, and requires a rigorous schedule, testing, stringent experimental conditions involving bio-analytical chemistry, analytical biotechnology, microbiology and many more to make it effective.

The pharmacy students and researchers at the MNR college of Pharmacy undergo training under expert faculty on the different tools used for pharmaceutical analysis. The years spent under the expert faculty members and researchers help them to grasp the intricate usage of innumerable tools and their mode of applications for any particular group of drugs. The idea is to make the pharmacy students market-ready after the four years spent in the college and to ensure they confidently make a space for themselves in the world of pharmaceutics.

The past year and a half have shown the importance of pharmaceutics and drug analysis to fight against various unknown and dangerous species of microbes that might surprise us anytime in the coming years. It is therefore, necessary to keep all the tools ready- including gaining expertise in pharmaceutical analysis to make a larger impact in the world of medicine and healing.