Covid 19 - Corona Virus Updates

MNR Educational Trust is continually taking all precautionary steps to tackle the present pandemic crisis. Protocols like social distancing, wearing face masks, and frequently washing their hands are strictly followed. MNR Medical College and Hospital administered Covishield, Coronavirus vaccine to all the frontline health workers. The first dose was given in February and the second dose was administered in March.

Life after Coronavirus Vaccine (Covid-19) at MNR: Visualizing the "New Normal"

Here at MNR-HERA Campus, all have adjusted to “New Normal”, a new way of living and going about life, work, and education, and interactions with other people inside and outside the campus. Everyone including students learned to adopt a lifestyle to live with this crisis. All have learned to move forward taking all necessary precautions like wearing face masks, maintaining social distancing, and frequently washing hands. Building positive traits amongst students during this pandemic crisis is a great achievement of MNR.

Considering the present trend we have to bear in mind that we may have to live in the “New Normal” for a very long period. Many diseases caused by viruses have no permanent cure to this day, and there are no vaccines for many viruses either, let’s look at HIV, although not as widespread as Covid-19, but still it is a dangerous disease. We have not found a vaccine for HIV till today. However, we all have learned to adapt our lifestyle to live with them. Compared to viral diseases, Covid-19 is more contagious and infectious, so our level of adaptation and the changes we have to bring into our lifestyle is much higher than the other diseases.

We can control the spreading of the Covid-19 virus through herd immunity. The vaccine can help establish herd immunity. Herd immunity can be a part of our “New Normal”. To achieve herd immunity approximately 70% of the population should be immune.

“New Normal” will keep changing. Even though the government declares it is not mandatory to wear face masks in the future, still we will continue to wear them whenever we go outside, for at least we feel much better psychologically. Also, many companies may instruct their employees to work from home and have virtual meetings; many Schools and Colleges may opt for virtual teachings. Due to social distancing, many may opt for online food ordering instead of visiting restaurants. There will be increased sanitation and cleaning everywhere.