Pharmaceutical chemistry is by nature an interdisciplinary science, and practitioners have a strong background in organic chemistry, which must eventually be coupled with a broad understanding of biological concepts related to cellular drug targets. Pharmaceutical Chemistry is one of the three Departments at MNR College of pharmacy. M. Pharmacy with pharmaceutical chemistry specialisation was started in 2009. Pharmaceutical chemistry department has a well established research laboratory consisting of sophisticated instruments like FTIR, HPLC etc to carry out the research activities. Under the guidance of Dr. V. Alagarsamy, Principal, MNR College of pharmacy, it is collaborated with various laboratories/organizations like National cancer institute, USA; Rega institute for medical research, Belgium and Southern research institute, USA. Also the research activities are supported by funding agencies like CSIR, DST and DSIR. With its culture of collaboration and focus on solutions, the pharmaceutical chemistry department is poised to help build a better future. They are also teaming up with other international researchers to create a new class of anticancer and antimicrobial agents. Together, pharmaceutical chemistry students and faculty have the potential to make discoveries that could change the world.


Pharmaceutics is a science of dosage forms & is the study of relationships between drug formulation, delivery, disposition and clinical response. The course is designed to integrate the teaching, learning and understanding of pharmaceutical science in the context of pharmaceutics. Pharmaceutics department was started in 2010 and it encompasses basic and applied investigations in Preformulation, Formulation, Pharmaceutical biotechnology and drug delivery. In addition to teaching. Nanotechnology is an emerging paradigm that is interdisciplinary in nature and expected to have great influence in a wide-range of products with far-reaching implications. In the area of pharmaceuticals, nanotechnology has the ability of enabling the formulation of new drug delivery systems with minimal side-effects; act as delivery vehicle for poorly soluble drug molecules and aiding in early diagnosis of disease state. The courses in the program are designed to provide the core principles in pharmaceutics along with the necessary skills in the area of nanotechnology to train the students in this new field. The students who have graduated from this department are recruited by reputed research companies/institutions or are pursuing higher studies abroad.


Pharmacology is the science of drug action on biological systems. In its entirety, it embraces knowledge of the sources, chemical properties, biological effects and therapeutic uses of drugs. Integrating a depth of knowledge in many related scientific disciplines, pharmacologists offer a unique perspective to solving drug, hormone and chemical-related problems which impinge on human health. MNR College of pharmacy started M. Pharmacy with pharmacology specialisation in 2011. Research interests in the Department include a few major areas: screening of antidiabetic, antioxidants, anti obese, anti histamines and neurological diseases, anti inflammatory, analgesic and finally insitu absorption studies. Pharmacologists are also involved in molecular modelling of drugs, and the use of drugs as tools to dissect aspects of cell function.